Madeleines Marble

Madeleines Marble 6 unit


INGREDIENTS: WHEAT flour, sugar, soybean oil, pasteurized liquid EGG, water, humectants (sorbitol and glycerine), glucose-fructose syrup, raising agents (sodium acid pyrophosphate and sodium bicarbonate), corn starch, defatted cocoa powder (1%), cocoa cream (1%) [sugar, water, sunflower oil, cocoa powder (5%), modified starch (E-1442), humectants (glycerine), caramel, MILK proteins, stabilizers (E-460 and E-466), acidulant (E-270), preservative (sorbic acid), coloring (E-171), salt and aroma], emulsifier (E-471), aromas, preservative (sorbic acid), acidulant (citric acid), salt, stabilizers (xanthan gum and guar gum) and coloring (beta carotene).

Contains GLUTEN, EGG and MILK. May contain NUTS (HAZELNUTS).

Nutritional values

Value Information
  • Net Weight

    165 g

  • Units per bag


  • Bags per box


  • Boxes per pallet


  • Boxes per container 20/40

    1100 / 2400

  • Best before

    180 days

  • EAN 13 - DUM 14

    8412997000178 - 18412997000175